Foreign Languages Centre
Project leader:

Olga Kim, head

1, Ulyanov Str., room 428
tel. +7 (831) 439-13-41

The use of a dictionary and body language when talking to foreigners is outdated for the modern individual. We want to communicate freely while abroad, watch movies in the original, chat with friends from other countries. Besides, it is impossible to make a successful career without the knowledge of at least one foreign language.

Russian English German French Italian Spanish Chinese

We provide quality training services for the most popular languages of the world, using modern and effective methods of teaching

We are constantly developing a variety of training programs to ensure that can meet all the personal and professional needs of our students.

Our core values - quality service and customer-oriented, conscientious fulfillment of our obligations to our students, staff and partners of the Center

Why us?


  • Highly qualified teaching staff
  • Confirmation of the professional competencies of teachers with international certificates
  • Modern educational and methodological framework


  • A variety of educational programs
  • The emphasis on individualization of the learning process
  • You acquire an international certificate on completion of the course
  • Monitoring of students’ progress at all stages of education


  • Flexible schedule
  • Location in the city’s center
  • Various duration and intensity of programs


  • Competitive prices
  • Discounts