Duisburg-Essen  University(UDE), founded in 1654, is one of the largest German institutions. Various ranking systems consider Duisburg-Essen University as the top tier one.

The university includes 12 faculties and 13 research centers offering various educational programs in the field of humanities, natural and technical science for 40,000+ students. When developing educational programs for students and graduate students the university takes into account individual and social requirements under the lifelong learning principle.

Duisburg-Essen University is a member of various international organizations and cooperates with higher education institutions of such countries as China, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Australia, Canada, France, India, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Singapore, USA and some others.

Under the signed MOU several students of Faculty of Humanities took part in some international exchange programs. Also, the universities staff participates in the international conferences organized by partners. Besides, joint research programs and projects are planned.

John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, founded in 1918, is the private higher educational institution providing education in the field of theology, the Catholic canon law and also in various fields of secular science. It is located in the city of Lublin (two faculties are located in other cities).

The university has 8 faculties and 19,000 students. It offers educational programs in such areas as: theology, philosophy, law, canon law and management, social sciences, mathematics and natural sciences, humanities, law and economic sciences.

The University has a widely developed network of international cooperation, implementing joint programs with higher education institutions of Belgium, China, Chile, France, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Russia, Slovakia, the USA etc.

Under the MOU, joint conferences, seminars and other events are held; there is also exchange of scientific information and researches publications, on upcoming scientific, educational and cultural events.