Messina University, founded in 1548, is located in the picturesque Italian city of Messina, in Sicily.

  1. The university is one of 15 best higher education institutions of Italy. More than 24.000 students study at 12 faculties there. The academic staff of the university totals about 1,125 people. The university offers 75 educational programs of bachelor and master's degree program and also 12 programs of postgraduate study in such areas as: economy, education, engineering, humanities, law, medicine and pharmacology, natural sciences, political science, veterinary science etc.
  2. The campus of Messina University comprises 4 academic buildings equipped with modern laboratories, research complexes and design audiences; comfortable hostels for students and also a modern sports center.
  3. The university actively cooperates with foreign higher education institutions and implements programs of exchange with France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia etc.
  4. In June, 2018 an MOU with Messina University (Italy) was signed. We intend to drive symposiums, seminars, conferences and joint research programs and projects. Also, programs of academic exchanges for academic faculty and students are planned. Cooperation of Minin University and Messina University is also aimed at exchanging cultural and scientific experience of the participants; raise the skill level of faculty; strengthening of the friendly relations and strategic partnership of Italy and Russia in the field of education.