Attention, everyone!

Minin Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University announces the acceptance of applications for the third Summer School for German and Russian students “Minins Sommerschule – 2021”. This international event will take place from the 09-th to the 21-st of August 2021 on the basis of Minin University – one of the oldest universities of the city.

Summer school-2021 is multidisciplinary. It consists of two main modules. The first obligatory module «Russian as a foreign language and a language of intercultural communication» is designed for beginners and advanced Russian language learners. The second module is elective. The students may choose up to three courses between the following electives: «Cross-cultural communication», «Russian and regional studies», «Russian-German cultural dialogue», «The contribution of Russian scientists to educational research: theoretical and methodological implications» and «Literary geography: Russia on the literary map of Europe». Classes during Summer school-2021 will be conducted by leading professors as well as outstanding young scientists of the University.

Summer school offers its participants a varied cultural program as well. Within two weeks German and Russian students will see and learn a lot of the history, culture and life of Nizhny Novgorod and the region, visit museums and other places of interest of the city and the region, try our national cuisine and enjoy the famous Russian hospitality. Students will enjoy their stay in students’ hostel in the historical centre of Nizhny Novgorod. As the final result of «Minins Sommerschule – 2021» every student will get a certificate of participation with received 5 ECTS credits.

Summer school will let German students acquire the necessary competence in the fields of theoretical and practical learning of the Russian language, expand the broadness of understanding of culture and social structure, traditions and everyday life of modern Russian cities, set Russian-German intercultural dialogue and cooperation of the young generations of the two countries and share the most positive emotions. Lively intercultural communication will become a bridge for the development of future contacts, stimulating further cultural, educational and scientific dialogue. Students are welcome at Minin University in August 2021!

To apply please fill in the participation form below and attach a motivation letter. The relevant selection criteria are: interest in Russian language, literature, history and culture, the level of Russian language proficiency (A2 / B2 students), high motivation for studying in Russia. Feel free to contact us if you have questions via


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