Laboratory of the modern philosophical writing ‘Ecrits’
Project leader:

Evgeny Kuchinov

PhD in Philosophy

The ‘Ecrits’ Philosophy laboratory research topics are:

Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture: research of ‘border areas’ of anthropological practices; research of technics, urban space and modern popular culture.

History of Philosophy: Russian cosmism; Philosophy in Russia of the 1920th; futurology, theory fiction and science fiction in the Russian philosophy of the XX century.

Ontology and Epistemology: theory of speculative materialism/realism; object-oriented ontology; machine-oriented ontology.

Scientific Journalism: translating; interviewing; popular science publications.


  1. The educational goal is to teach the laboratory participants skills of work with the modern philosophical text: reading and «compression», editing, transfer, interview, writing of the research text, process documentation, publication. To master skills of making presentations and public speeches.
  2. The scientific goal is to make the laboratory the center of production of high quality modern philosophical content, new concepts, modern methods and forms of a philosophical research.
  3. The methodical goal is to carry out experimental work in the field of development of new forms of existence and broadcast of the philosophical text, new methods of teaching philosophy and promoting this science.


  1. Definition of the research and auxiliary areas of work of laboratory (at the moment the working group of laboratory defined several key directions in the field of philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture, history of philosophy, ontology and the theory of knowledge and also the direction of translation work and philosophical journalism).
  2. The publication of results of laboratory work in the academic magazines (including, entering Higher Attestation Commission and Scopus list) and popular scientific editions.
  3. Development of an intellectual product and its certification.

Grant activity

Philosophical anthropology, culture philosophy

  • Researches of border areas of anthropological practices
  • Researches of the modern equipment
  • Researches of city space
  • Researches of modern popular culture.

Philosophy history

  • Russian cosmism
  • Philosophies in the Russia of the 1920th
  • Futurology, theory fiction and science fiction in the Russian philosophy of the XX century.

Ontology and theory of knowledge

  • Theory of speculative materialism/ realism
  • Object-oriented ontology
  • Machine-oriented ontology.

Scientific journalism

  • Translating
  • Interviewing
  • Popular scientific publications.