«Studies of cultural memory and historical anthropology» laboratory
Project leader:

Fedor Nikolayi

PhD in History, professor

Research topics:

  • Research of cultural and collective memory
  • Theoretical problems of historical research
  • Historical anthropology
  • Culture research
  • History of stories and public history


  • State Contemporary Art Center ‘Arsenal’
  • ‘Theory and Practice of Humanitarian Research’ Laboratories
  • Nizhny Novgorod Center of Rehabilitation and Integration of Disabled Veterans and other veteran NGOs of Nizhny Novgorod

Major projects:

1. “Public history: institutes of memory and modern museum policy” (joint project with Contemporary Art Center “Arsenal”) — 2014 .

2. “Policy of time – anachronism and the present time” (joint project with Russian State Technical University, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Contemporary Art Center “Arsenal”) – 2016.

3. “Oral history, military and historical anthropology: problems and prospects of interaction” (joint project with Yaroslavl Pedagogical University) – 2016.

4. “Colonial experience and historical imagination in XIX-XXI centuries” (joint project with Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and Contemporary Art Center “Arsenal”) — 2017.

5. “Life at war: photo and memory of the local conflicts” (joint project with Center of rehabilitation and integration of disabled veterans) — 2014-2017.

6. Since 2009, we hold regular workshops together with ‘Theory and practice of humanitarian research’ Lab and Contemporary Art Center “Arsenal”