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student communities




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student initiatives funded by university annually

Minin University provides conditions to support creative, intellectual abilities and interests of students.
There are more than 40 student associations, which are governed by our Joint Student Council. The Council aims at finding common interests for all the associations that pursue social goals, renders assistance to other student associations. It also interacts with University Administration.

Students associations at Minin University perform their activities in nine directions:


Sport and healthy lifestyle


Intercultural dialogue and international cooperation


Social standards and student rights.


Professional competences


Culture and creativity


Volunteering activity


Historic and patriotic education


Science and innovations


Student Information Resources

To promote the continuous project making experience in extracurricular activities, Minin University supports an Educational Convent for Students “Assistance” which comprises trainings to develop hard and soft skills, discussions with experts, project sessions, public presentations of student associations, individual consultations on project activities, public presentations of projects. Each student gets an opportunity not only to develop and present his/her own project, but also to implement it with organizational and financial support of the University. The project has been launched in 2016. More than 500 students have taken part already, 29 projects have been financially supported.

Students of our university represent the educational institution in regional and national contests and festivals. The number of creative students grows continuously as well as the importance and popularity of student associations, and their work is becoming more efficient.

Green Minin, an ecological student club

‘Green Minin’ is an ecological student association. The students drive lots of events: separating rubbish campaigns, eco-volunteerism, quizzes, bookcrossing, exhibitions, workshops and many others, both in the University and outside. The students cooperate with different environmental organizations of Nizhny Novgorod and invite them to talk at Minin University. Our students care about nature and try to engage others on the topic.

Bears Tourist Club

Bears Tourist Club drives hiking routes of different difficulty level; teaches the basics of camping tourism. Its members take part in competitions all over Russia. Any student can join the club and in the short time period one is able to go hiking and get a sports rank. Thanks to the tourism activity ‘the bears’ have become a real team which is not afraid of obstacles.

Minin STV

Minin STV is a student television of Minin University. Each Minin University student can try his/her skills as a journalist, film director, script writer or actor. Creating video reports about the events of Minin University, film exchange, learning the real TV life, workshops – the list of activities is far not complete. Members of Minin STV are participants and winners of the contests at different levels, so the association is known and popular beyond the university.

Student Pedagogical Teams (SPTs)

Student Pedagogical Teams (SPTs) – these are the teams that encourage students to work as tutors at youth summer camps in Nizhny Novgorod and all over Russia. They help children to spend time in a more interesting and useful way. There are four such organizations at Minin University. During the year, members of student teaching groups organize various events, work as volunteers and do charity work. They make children smile, learn to be true teachers and are always open to new ideas!

Student clubs of train car attendants

Student teams of train attendants collaborate with Russian Railways. There are two such teams at Minin University. Working in summer as a train attendant lets you not only earn money, but also to see other cities, to meet and communicate with new interesting people, to try a hand in a serious, responsible business. Students get valuable experience, the ability to travel and make new friends all over Russia!

The Student Creative Center

The Student Creative Center unites talented students of the entire university. Team members are students with vocal, dance, and theatrical talents. The Center is a place for inspiration, originality and creativity. The students present creative performances and concerts. Those who are members are participants and winners of competitions at various levels; they constantly try something new and strive to reveal their creative potential!