Non-degree Educational Centre- is a structural unit of Minin University, which was created in order to promote the Russian language, teach Russian as a foreign language, and internationalize the university in the international educational space.

The main functions and tasks of the NDEC:

  • Realisation of an additional general education program that provides training for foreign citizens and stateless persons to master professional educational programs in Russian with various training profiles.
  • Realisation of interdisciplinary additional general education programs for foreign citizens, including summer and winter schools, as well as specialized programs within the framework of cooperation with foreign partners.
  • Comprehensive support and advice to foreign applicants on admission to Minin University.
  • Registration and issuance of the European supplement to the diploma of a graduate of Minin University.


Head of the Non-degree Educational Centre  - Savelyeva Emilia Alexandrovna

Tel. +7(831)262-20-44 (ext 349)

Specialist WIS – Bakhareva Anastasia

Tel. +7(831)262-20-44 (ext 290)

Non-degree Educational Centre

 Address: 603952, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, Ulyanova str., 1, room 115

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