Double Degree Programs

We offer a Double Degree Program for undergraduate students of ‘Foreign languages (English and Chinese)’. The model is 1–2-1 (one year the student spends in his/her country of residence, two years abroad, the last year back in the country of residence). Upon graduation the students receive state-recognized diplomas by both higher education institutions: Minin University and Anhui Normal University.

Partner Universities:

  • Anhui Normal University
  • The Education University of Hong Kong (planned for 2020-2021)

Inclusive Education Programs

Such a program assumes training at partner university for one academic year to acquire the competences provided by the core educational program together with an advanced course of language, literature, culture, traditions of the target-language country. At the same time the exam results received at partner university are accepted by the university of the country of residence.

Partner Universities:

  • Shandong University of Technology (China)
  • Xian University of Translation (China)
  • Taraz State Pedagogical University (Kazakhstan)
  • Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Grand Valley State University (USA)

Language and Culture Schools

These schools are held to introduce a partne university and its education programs to foreign students, as well as to provide some information on the culture and traditions of both countries. Along with studies the students take part in many events, including visiting museums, parks, cultural and historical sights of the city and the region.


  • Anhui Normal University (Wuhu, China): annual schools of foreign language and culture.
  • Xian University of Translation (Xian, China): international school of language and culture organized by the Education Department of Shanxi Province
  • Embassy School (UK)
  • ‘Linguistic theories in training of the second or foreign language’ (Braunschweig, Germany) Summer School
  • The Education University of Hong Kong (China): summer school of academic writing for master's students
  • Shandong University of Technology (China)

Long-term and short-term exchange programs for faculty

Within the framework of long-term exchange programs the professors teaching Russian at Minin University visit partner higher education institutions of China while the Chinese colleagues come to us to teach Chinese. As a rule, the term of exchange per person is 1 study year.

Short-term programs assume foreign speakers visiting Minin University and offering lectures and workshops. In turn, our faculty visit partner universities as visiting professors. Dr. Olga Kim, for example, has visited the Education University of Hong Kong as a visiting professor.


  • Anhui Normal University (China)
  • The Education University of Hong Kong (China)
  • Shandong University of Technology (China)
  • The University of Duisburg-Essen

Advanced training courses for foreign teachers

Since 2015, Minin University has been hosting advanced training courses for faculty and staff of Anhui Normal University (P.R.C.). The program considers theoretical and practical aspects of educational organization management, launching and driving educational programs, historical and cultural aspects of the education system development in Russia, quality assessment of pedagogical education programs and lots of other aspects. The curriculum includes lectures, workshops, seminars, visiting comprehensive schools, institutions of supplementary education, partner universities of Minin University in Moscow. Also, the program offers a rich social program which includes visiting museums, parks, theaters and main attractions of Nizhny Novgorod Region and Moscow.

Since 2015, 80+ faculty and staff of Anhui Normal University have participated in the program

Internship in Chemistry at Minin University Scientific Education Center

Cooperation agreement between Anhui Normal University and Minin University has launched a project of cooperation in Organic Chemistry. Two colleagues from China came to work at the university within the special research program for half a year.