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Scientific magazines

An online journall "Vestnik of Minin University" ("Minin University Bulletin")


to create a barrier-free communicative space to provide interaction between the representatives of the scientific community to ensure free exchange of information, experience, as well as the results of theoretical and applied research in the field of pedagogy, psychology and philosophy


Online Publication “Minin University Bulletin” is a research, scientific and practical publication, that publishes interesting research results, projects, reviews and messages tackling acute problems of pedagogical, psychological and philosophical knowledge, as well as the development and modernization of education in general.

The groups of scientific specialties:

  • General pedagogy, the history of pedagogy and education (pedagogical sciences)
  • Correctional pedagogy (signopedopedics and typhlopedagogics, oligophrenopedagogics and speech therapy) (pedagogical sciences)
  • Theory and methodology of vocational education (pedagogical sciences)
  • General pedagogy, the history of pedagogy and education (pedagogical sciences)
  • Special needs pedagogy (signopedopedics and typhlopedagogics, oligophrenopedagogics and speech therapy) (pedagogical sciences)
  • Theory and methodology of vocational education (pedagogical sciences)
  • History of philosophy (philosophical sciences)
  • Philosophy of science and technology (philosophical sciences)
  • Philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture (philosophical sciences)
  • Philosophy of religion and religious studies (philosophical sciences)

The editorial board carries out a scientific review (double-sided blind) of all materials submitted to the editorial board for the purpose of peer review. All reviewers are recognized experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials. Reviews are kept in the publishing house and editorial office for 5 years. The editorial staff of the journal sends copies of reviews to the authors of the articles, and also, upon receipt of a corresponding request, to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

The journal is a network publication registered at the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media Communications.
Registration certificate ЭЛ N ФС 77— 50782.

The journal is registered in Centre International de l’ISSN. ISSN 2307–1281.

The journal is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate of science, for the degree of doctor of science should be published.

An online journall
Online edition

An online journal "Psychological Yearbook"


Online scientific publication

The publication “Nizhny Novgorod Psychological Yearbook” publishes scientific reviews (analytical articles), articles of a problematic, scientific, practical, and historical nature

The branches of Psychology:

  • General psychology, history of psychology
  • Development Psychology, Acmeology (developmental psychology)
  • Pedagogical psychology
  • Social and organizational psychology
  • Correctional psychology
  • Medical psychology
  • Practical psychology

The publication period is 2 months.

All publications are reviewed.

The issues are displayed in the system

An online journal
Online edition

Scientific yearbook "Colloquium Heptaplomeres"


The mission of the publication is to promote inter-religious dialogue in Russia and Europe. We invite religious scholars, historians, philosophers, sociologists, and other specialists to work together - that is to say, all those who have something to say on issues that might be of interest to the editors.


The subjects of the publication, its exclusively secular, scientific nature, the diversity of published materials, the lack of editorial dogmatism, adherence to the principles of open access, attentive attitude to each author and the desire to make the work of scientists from different countries of the world accessible to the Russian-speaking reader make our yearbook truly unique.

Areas of publications:

  • Theoretical and methodological problems of the study of new religious movements.
  • Camera and Video shooting in onsite field religious research: the borderline between acceptable and essential.
  • 21st Century Paganism in European Countries: Regional Specifics.
  • Neopaganism and politics.
  • Elements of paganism in popular culture.
  • The image of the sacred in the worldview constructs of modern European and Russian paganism.
  • “Friends and strangers” in worldview discourses of representatives of the pagan movement of the XX-XXI centuries.
  • “Continuity”: the historical process through the eyes of modern pagans.

Scientific yearbook  Colloquium heptaplomeres is a peer-reviewed scientific and practical journal, which is a printed publication of the research laboratory «New Religious Movements in Modern Russia and the Countries of Europe»; it is named after the piece of writing of the French freethinker of the 16th century Jean Boden. The objective of the publication is to give an opportunity of to speak freely on the topic of modern religiosity to both its researchers and the representatives of various religious communities. Moreover, one of the main areas of our attention is such a widespread, but still little studied phenomenon, as neopaganism.

The scientific almanac publishes scientific reviews, articles of a problematic, scientific, practical and historical nature.

Scientific yearbook 
Online edition