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General information

Research at Minin university

Research centers and laboratories

Fundamental and applied R&D


Dissertation councils

Students and young scientists' research


One of the key research objectives at the university is linked to its staff development. Now the university totals more than 75% of PhDs among its staff. The most important form of research development at a university is a research school: there are 14 of those active at the University showing impressive results and bringing in high academic reputation to its members.


  • Synthesis, reaction and application of metal-organic compounds.
  • The nature of magnetospheric and ionospheric indignations during the periods of the high-energy feachers caused by solar activity.
  • Invertebrate and vertebrate animals as bioindicators of soil and land ecosystems state.
  • New religious movements (specifically, Russian and European Neopagans are studied).
  • Traditions in the Russian literature.
  • Philosophy of religion and history of philosophy.
  • Pedagogy methodology: Makarenko's legacy and present time.
  • Scientific bases of computerizing and digitalizing of educational process in higher education institutions and schools.
  • Design of educational systems at multilevel institutions for professional continuous education.
  • Methodological bases of future professional teacher development.
  • Technologies of creating the optimizing child and youth environment in polycultural space.
  • Cultural and competence-based strategy of geographical, ecological and geoecological education.
  • Problems of socialization of children and teenagers under conditions of ontogenesis and disontogenesis.
  • Perspective technologies of enterprises management.

The mission of Minin University research schools is promoting achievements of regional and sectoral science, creating informational database for studying the history of various scientific disciplines and preserving the legacy of the outstanding scientists, philosophers and writers who once entered the national elite (Berdyaev, Gorky, Hessen, Makarenko, Rozanov, Shmelyov, Zaytsev, etc.).

Minin University hosts two Dissertation Councils that award various levels of PhD degrees:

  • in Philosophy (History of Philosophy; Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture).
  • in Philology (Russian literature; Foreign Literature (Western Europe and North America); Russian Language).

The distinctive feature of research at the university is a close linkage of research subject with the priority directions of national and world science development. Research is often cross-discipline and driven in cooperation with foreign scientists, foreign and national research centers and institutions. Just some of our partners:

Roxbury Community College (USA)
Roxbury Community College (USA)
Jyväskylä Southern University (Finland)
Jyväskylä Southern University (Finland)
Mickiewicz Poznan University (Poland)
Mickiewicz Poznan University (Poland)
Shirshov Institute of Ocean Science of Russian Academy of Science (RAS, Moscow)
Shirshov Institute of Ocean Science of Russian Academy of Science (RAS, Moscow)
Scientific Information Center for Birdbanding of RAS (Moscow)
Scientific Information Center for Birdbanding of RAS (Moscow)
Laboratory for Microevolution of Mammals of RAS (Moscow)
Laboratory for Microevolution of Mammals of RAS (Moscow)

The most significant scientific research annually gets financial support from such sources as:

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
Russian Fundamental Research Fund
Russian Fundamental Research Fund
Regional Ministry for Ecology
Regional Ministry for Ecology

For the last 5 years over 50 research projects have been launched at Minin University.

These are government contract projects commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Some examples:

  • «Assessment of computer game addiction and research of stress level of teenagers» (project leader — E. Volkova);
  • «Fundamental reasons of high-altitude substorms and development of forecast methods» (project leader — N. Barkhatov);
  • «Research of teoretical and methodological bases of environmental management culture by means of design and modular training» (project leader — N. Vinokurov)

Projects supported by the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund:

  • «Comprehensive historical and theological studying of the Russian Neopaganism» (project leader — R. Shizhensky);
  • «Technology of inventory and the spatial analysis of tourist and recreational resources of Nizhny Novgorod Region on the basis of landscape approach using geographic information systems» (project leader — A. Astashin);
  • «Theoretical and methodical bases of moral education of students in educational and extracurricular activities» (project leader — V. Nikolina)
  • and other projects

Projects supported by the Russian Fundamental Research Fund:

  • «The intensive geomagnetic storms caused by magnetic clouds of solar wind» (project leader — N. Barkhatov);
  • «Development of a catalytic way of transformation of L-lactic acid into lactide and polylactide: new approaches to polymeric materials for medical application» (project leader — I. Fedyushkin);
  • «Manifestations of solar activity in geomagnetic fluctuations of the magneto hydra dynamic range» (project leader — S. Revunov)
  • and other projects.

In order to support research a number of programs have been launched:

  1. A program to support PhD students.
  2. A program to support research driven by university staff,
  3. The Visiting Professor program which welcomes academics widely known in the research community to give a talk to the students and faculty staff.