Who gets a place in the dormitory?

A place in the dormitory is provided to all foreign students of Minin University studying both in the main educational programs and in the pre-university training program.

Period of stay in the dormitory

The period of stay depends on the duration of the Learning Agreement. Students can get more detailed information from the superintendent of the dormitory in which they are staying.

Is the dormitory fee included in the state scholarship or in the amount of payment under the Learning Agreement?

The dormitory fee is NOT included in the state scholarship and is not included in the cost of the Learning Agreement.

How to book a place in a dormitory?

Where can a student pay for accommodation in a dormitory?

  • The payment for accommodation in the dormitory is made at the university cashier's office.
  • Cashier's office address: Nizhny Novgorod, Ulyanov St., 1, 1st floor.
  • Payment acceptance hours: from 13:00 to 16:00 daily, except Saturday and Sunday.
  • Please note: The University accepts payments only in Russian rubles and with cards of Russian banks. Payment is also possible via the Sberbank-online app

Can friends and relatives of applicants/students live in the dormitory?


Places for staying in university dormitories are NOT provided for relatives and friends of international students arriving in Nizhny Novgorod!

If you arrive in Nizhny Novgorod, after 24-00, or on weekends and holidays

In case of arrival in Nizhny Novgorod after 24:00, or on weekends and holidays, it is necessary to inform the University about the need to book a place in the dormitory in advance! 

What documents are required to move into the dormitory?

- Move-in to the dormitory is provided on the basis of the relevant agreement and the order on admission to the dormitory.
- Theoccupancy agreement is drawn up by the dormitory superintendent, and the order on admission to the university dormitory is drawn up:

  • for students enrolled in the pre-university training program: at the Non-degree Educational Centre
  • for international students from the main educational programs: at the University’s MFC (multifunctional center).

Can a foreign citizen refuse to stay in a dormitory and live in rented premises?

Foreign citizens studying at Minin University have the right to live in a rented apartment/room (at a private address) in Nizhny Novgorod.

In this case, registration is carried out at the actual address of the student's residence. All the necessary information regarding this procedure can be obtained from the International Students Office

Where can students get advice on migration registration at their place of residence?

When students move into a dormitory, the migration registration at their place of residence is performed by the International Students Office

Requirements for documents provided for migration registration can be found on this page.