Crossing the border of the Russian Federation and arriving in Nizhny Novgorod

1. You must  inform the University about the date of your arrival in the Russian Federation and Nizhny Novgorod no later than 5 working days before the actual date of arrival.

Send an appropriate message to: or inform the University by phone: +7 (910)383-22-68

Make sure to attach to your message scanned copies of your visa and tickets to both the Russian Federation and to Nizhny Novgorod.

2. Whien crossing the border, it is necessary to obtain a migration card. When filling out a migration card, it is important that all information about you (spelling of your surname, first name, gender, date of birth, passport number) is entered into the migration card form without mistakes.

Important! In the line "Purpose of entry" you must underline the word "STUDY"!

Important! After rthe migration card is issued, do not forget to put it inside your passport and bring it to the university!

Important! The Border Guard Service has the right to ask you to show your tickets to your final destination  – Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod. Be ready for this! 

Please be aware of the University's working hours. If you arrive in Nizhny Novgorod on Saturday or Sunday, as well as on working days after 16-00 Moscow time and /or after midnight, you will need to stay in a hotel or hostel.

3. On the first working day upon arrival, you should come to the International Students Office of Minin University (Building 1, room 233) with the following documents:

  • National passport
  • Migration card
  • Visa

4. If you do not plan to live in a university dormitory, you have to inform the university about this, and you must provide your registration at your place of residence to the International Students Office within 7 days after your arrival in Nizhny Novgorod.


Head of the International Students Office

Selezneva Olga Vladimirovna , phone: +7 (910)383-22-68

60352, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, Ulyanova str. 1, room 233

Tel: +7 (831) 262-20-48, (ext 180)