Please note that the government has passed a set of rules that regulate your presence in the country as a student. These rules need to be followed, otherwise you may face a fine and immediate deportation. Similar rules can be found in most world countries.

  1. Foreigners and those who have no citizenship, aiming at getting higher education, upon arrival at the point indicated in the visa or in the training assignment (for persons with visa-waiver) are required to submit the national documents to the administration of the educational institution within 24 hours in order to get a permit to stay in the country legally.
  2. Foreigners temporarily staying in the Russian Federation are required to have a health insurance policy. This policy should secure medical service in the event of an accident, a sudden illness, as well as transportation (repatriation) to their country of residence. The Foreign Citizens Sector of Minin University provides assistance to its foreign students in getting a health insurance policy.
  3. The validity of a passport of a foreign citizen who is on the territory of the Russian Federation with study visa must exceed the validity period of the visa by 6 months. Foreigners whose national documents (passports or other documents replacing them) expire during the period of study at the university must, at least 1 month before the expiration date, renew or replace them and submit to the university administration to make changes to the records.
  4. To extend the registration period, foreigners who benefit from visa-waiver submit national documents of the university administration 30 days before the registration document expires.
  5. If a student loses the passport or its substitute, he/she must immediately inform the university administration and the embassy of his/her country. Having received a new passport, a foreigner is obliged to submit it for registration within 24 hours.
  6. If it is necessary for foreign students to go abroad (to the country of residence during holidays, for family reasons or after graduation), they are obliged to inform the administration of the university of their departure. Upon returning to Russia, they must submit the passports and migration cards for migration registration within 24 hours.
  7. When traveling to cities and regions of Russia that are open to foreigners, they also need to inform the administration of the university.
  8. Leaving Russia during the study period are allowed only if there are official supporting documents provided and with reasonable excuses.
  9. After graduation or being expelled from the University, foreigners must leave the Russian Federation within the time specified by the administration.

Violation of the rules of registration, residence and migration listed here imposes administrative liability: a fine, deportation or criminal liability in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.