Practical Information

  • The cost of training is fully covered by state funding. The recipient is also provided with a monthly allowance and a standard place in the student dormitory of Minin University on the same conditions as Russian students whose tuition is paid by the Russian government. All the expenses related to travel, pick-up services and medical insurance on the territory of the Russian Federation and the prolongation of their visa are covered by the scholarship recipient. More information here
  • Upon arrival, foreign students must have a passport, migration card, originals of legalized educational documents with transcripts (consular legalization or apostille more on this page, medical certificates of good health, including certificates of absence of hepatitis C and B, AIDS, chest fluorography and 6 color photographs (3x4 cm) in passport format on matte paper.
  • Your previous education must be recognized before official enrollment. Detailed information about the recognition procedure can be found in this section.
  • International students are recommended to have suitable clothing (in accordance with the climatic conditions of Central Russia).
  • In accordance with the Migration Law of the Russian Federation foreign students must arrive at Minin University no later than 30 days before their entry visas expire.Citizens of other countries sent to study under the quota of the Russian Federation should arrive in Nizhny Novgorod and Minin University by the start date of training – September 01. More information here
  • Minin University is not responsible for organizing visits and stay of students' relatives in Russia and providing them with housing.