Anhui Normal University is located in the city of Wuhu of Anhui province, on the southern bank of the legendary Yangtze river. The university was founded in 1928 and became the first higher education institution of the province. It is still one of the best educational institutions of the country. The university was one of the first to get the permit from the Ministry of Education of China to teach foreign students and obtained the status of one of the main education centers of Chinese language and culture. The university welcomes young people from 30 world countries, including Russia.

The following programs are implemented within the cooperation agreements signed by Minin University and Anhui Normal University:

  1. Summer and Winter international cultural and educational schools in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) and Wuhu (China). Since 2015, 100+ Russian and Chinese students have taken part in this program. The objective of these schools is to raise the level of language and cross-cultural competences of students learning Russian and Chinese, to make an insight into the culture, history and literature of China and Russia, and to support talented youth of Minin University.
  2. Exchange of students under the double degree program for bachelors. Since 2015, 24 students have taken part in this educational program.
  3. Long-term exchange of teachers of Russian and Chinese with the aim to upgrade the level of teaching Russian and Chinese and encourage interest in studying these languages, as well as literature, culture and traditions of Russia and China.
  4. Advanced training courses for academic faculty of Anhui Normal University. Annually 20 employees of Anhui Normal University take part in the program. The program considers theoretical and practical aspects of educational organization management, launching and driving educational programs, historical and cultural aspects of the education system development in Russia, quality assessment of pedagogical education programs and lots of other aspects. The curriculum includes lectures, workshops, seminars, visiting comprehensive schools, institutions of supplementary education, partner universities of Minin University in Moscow. Also, the program offers a rich social program which includes visiting museums, parks, theaters and main attractions of Nizhny Novgorod Region and Moscow.
  5. Since 2017 active cooperation between Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports of the Minin University and Institute of Sport of Anhui Normal University has begun. In May, 2017 we launched advanced training courses for Chinese professors which offered studying theoretical and practical aspects of driving educational programs in the field of physical culture and sport; training methods of particular sports to students. Within the framework of this program the representatives of Anhui Normal University held several workshops in martial arts for students and faculty of Minin University.
  6. Cooperation on the topic of tourism and geography. Such program of training for the Anhui Normal University faculty is being developed.
  7. There is ongoing work to compile Russian-Chinese dictionary of higher education.
  8. Cooperation on the topic of ‘Pedagoge. There is ongoing work to compile scientific and educational electronic service ‘Pedagogical World Map’
  9. We held several joint scientific and practical conferences arranged by the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sport of Minin University and Institute of Sport of Anhui Normal University.