Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), founded in 1994 as the Hong Kong Institute of Education, is one of eight subsidized universities under the direction of Hong Kong Committee for University Grants and the only university whose primary activity is devoted to pedagogical education. Education University of Hong Kong includes three faculties and also a number of the academic centers implementing educational programs and courses for students.

The University actively expands partnership, both with the universities of China and with foreign higher education institutions. The international projects performed by Education University of Hong Kong give unique opportunities for training: creation of the language environment, increasing the number of foreign students, upleveling cross-cultural competence of students, creating polycultural society, exchange of experience and technologies with partner higher education institutions, creating joint educational and cultural programs and many other things.

In July, 2017 an MOU between Minin University and Education University of Hong Kong was signed. Under the MOU, joint conferences, seminars and other events are held; there is also exchange of scientific information and researches publications, on upcoming scientific, educational and cultural events.