Shaanxi Normal University, founded in 1944, is located in the picturesque city of Xian, the province of Shanxi (China) and is also one of 6 pedagogical universities which are directly governed by the Ministry of Education of China. The university is founded as part of the state program "Project 211" and is an important base for training management and teaching staff in the field of education; it has got the reputation of “an education cradle" in the northwest part of China.

Shanxi Normal University has 2 campuses, hostels for foreign students, 16 colleges, 20 faculties, 2 departments of core education, 62 specialties, 12 research centers of doctoral studies, 24 specialties of master's studies. The university built up broad international cooperation and implements various programs of exchange with more than 70 institutions in such countries as the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Australia, Canada, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, etc.

Foreign students have been studying in Shanxi Normal University since 1965. Now, more than 4000 foreign specialists are the graduates of Shanxi Normal University. At the International Institute of Sinology there is a Faculty of Chinese for foreign students, the Faculty of the international Education of Chinese, the Center for foreign faculty training and the Research Institute of the International Sinology. Foreign students have an opportunity to study according bachelor and master's programs, language school, etc. Also the university is a test center: "State Certification of Assessment of Teachers of Chinese for Foreigners". In 2010, as assigned by the Ministry of Education of China, a Center for "HSK" language test exams was created at the University.

In June 2017 an MOU between Minin University and Shanxi Normal University was signed. Within this contract students and the faculty of Minin University will have an opportunity to participate in participate in scholarship, grant and exchange programs at Shanxi Normal University. Besides, the MOU has planned joint symposiums, seminars, conferences, research programs and projects. Cooperation of Minin University and Shanxi Normal University is also aimed at exchanging cultural and scientific experience among participants; strengthening friendly relations and strategic partnership of China and Russia in the field of education.