(SDUST) (Shandong University of Technology), founded in 1956, is located in the middle part of the Province of Shandong, in the famous city — Zibo. The university offers cross-disciplinary education in the field of mechanical engineering, science, management, literature, law, economy and pedagogy.

The university includes 16 academic faculties and 9 departments. On the basis of the university there are 7 doctorate's research stations, 6 doctorate branches with 31 specialties, 21 branches with 111 master's specialties, and 75 bachelor programs. The university actively participates in the international exchange and cooperation to promote international education. Shandong University of Technology provides various education programs and cooperates with 90 higher educational institutions and research institutes in such countries as the USA, Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, the UK, Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and others. Six joint international laboratories have been created, more than 50 joint projects have been initiated. Joint education and student's exchange programs were launched together with institutions from the USA, France, Germany, Australia, Russia and other countries. Foreign students from more than 30 countries come to SDUST for getting a PhD or for the purpose of short-term training.

Shandong University provides a great opportunity to learn more about the Chinese culture thanks to a big amount of books in the library on campus and also while making trips to the neighboring cities, and being immersed in the language environment as well. Apart from their core educational program, students can attend various extracurricular classes: studying of Chinese characters and singing, watching movies and teleplays, preparation for HSK language test, calligraphy, martial arts, Beijing opera, national dance and others. Each semester theme trips, tours of the museums, historical and cultural sights are organized.

The campus has more than 40 academic buildings, 3 hostels for foreign students, canteens, coffee shops, banks and ATMs, supermarkets and shops, dancing halls and gyms, three huge stadiums, a pool, grounds for playing tennis, basketball and volleyball, all this lets students to maintain healthy lifestyle.

In June 2017 an MOU between Minin University and Shandong University of Technology was signed which included cultural and educational exchange programs. Minin University students are welcome at Shandong University of Technology for inclusive training for one semester.