Xi’an University of Translation, founded in 1987, is located at the foot of the mountain of Zhongnan in the south of the picturesque city of Xian which served as the capital to 13 imperial dynasties. Nowadays, the university is one of the leading higher educational institutions which specializes in foreign languages and training of specialists in the field of translation.

  1. There are more than 1,600 members of academic staff and more than 21,000 students at the university. It has several buildings with modern facilities. The library collection includes more than 1.79 million editions. In 2011 a new scientific and technical building was constructed, it includes nearly one hundred laboratories: laboratory of simultaneous interpretation, laboratory of translation, design laboratory, laboratory of engineering drawing, etc.
  2. A lot of attention is paid to social life of students. 50 student associations regularly organize various events at the university: festivals of spring and autumn poetry, art show "Human World", New Year's party etc. Students regularly participate in national, provincial, city-level entertaining and sporting events and also in scientific and technical competitions.
  3. In April, 2018 representatives of the Minin University took part in the exhibition of high technologies "Innovative Silk Way" which took place in the city of Xian, Shanxi Province, China. There were also negotiations between the representatives of Minin University with the leaders of Xian University of Translation. As a result in July, 2018 the MOU between Minin University and Xian University of Translation was signed. This MOU includes joint research activity in the field of linguistics as well as exchange programs for students. The students of Xian University of Translation have visited Minin University on the program of inclusive training within the framework of students exchange for studying Russian, literature and the culture of Russia. In their turn, Minin University students are trained in Xian where they learn Chinese and the culture of China according to the program of inclusive training during one semester. In addition, the students of Minin University take part in the international summer school organized by the Education Department of the Province of Shanxi on the basis of Xian University of the Translation. Cooperation of Minin University and Xian University of Translation is also aimed at exchanging of cultural and scientific experience among participants; strengthening friendly relations and strategic partnership of China and Russia in the field of education.