In November 2019, the competitive selection for the program was held at Minin university. All the participants prepared motivation essays in English and presentations where they explained why they want to take part in this program and how this will help their further professional and personal development. According to the results, 4 students have been chosen for the joint education program in Italy. The program will be realized as a part of cooperation between Minin university and the University of Messina.

We’ve talked with two 4th year students of the direction “Foreign Language (German / French / Spanish)”, Aleksey Sadekova and Ksenia Vakushkina, and we learned how this program is promising.

We’ve met with two 4th year students, Sadekova Alena and Vakushkina Ksenia (major: Foreign languages), and they shared us their thoughts about the program.

Sadekova Alena:

I am really interested in gaining experience of studying in another country and in a foreign university. After finishing this program we will receive a certificate of completing the English language course. Also, we will study Italian from the very beginning.

English will be our language of communication at the University of Messina. This is a wonderful opportunity to improve our language skills. Besides, I’m really interested to see how English is taught in Italy, which methods and techniques are used there. We would like to apply this knowledge and this experience later while teaching our students in language centers where we work. As a result, we will be able to tell them something about Italy that cannot be found in textbooks.

Vakushkina Ksenia:

Right now we are studying two languages: English and German. And it will be incredibly interesting for us to start studying an absolutely new language! Perhaps after coming back to Russia we will continue studying Italian. Italy is a magnificent country.

By the way, students from the University of Messina have been studying at Minin university during the previous semester, so we have heard a lot about differences in educational process in Italian and Russian universities. Italian educational system differs a little bit from ours. They have another way of organizing lecture courses and seminars. And the most interesting is that Italian will be taught to us in English! This will be a completely new experience.
Participation in the academic mobility program is a great contribution to our future career. We are planning to enter the master degree program at Minin university and these 3 months abroad will definitely help us to achieve our goals.
We want to stay in Rome for some time and visit the Colosseum. And then we will go to Messina and see the active volcanoes!


Minin university and the University of Messina started their cooperation in 2018. Under this agreement both parties are planning to hold bilateral symposia, seminars, conferences and implement joint research programs and projects. It is also planned to implement academic exchange programs for faculty members and university students.

4 students from the University of Messina (Italy) have already visited Nizhny Novgorod during the fall semester to study Russian language and literature at Minin university