In 2022 Minin university launched a preparatory course program for foreign citizens who want to study Russian and later get a higher education in Russia. The first group includes foreign citizens from Asia, Africa and Latin America at the ages from 17 to 25 years old.

According to Mr. Viktor Sdobnyakov, Minin university rector, the preparatory course program has a number of important functions. Foreign attendees intensively study Russian for about 30 hours a week. Moreover, course program assists students in their adaptation to the university and to the Russian education system so that they can decide whether to continue their further studies at bachelor's or master's programs at Minin University or any other universities.

The preparatory course program lasts 1 year. For this time students are provided with a place in one of the Minin university dormitories. During the first semester foreign attendees study only Russian. Starting the second semester they can choose one of the four training majors: natural science, biomedicine, economics or humanitarian studies. The program includes mid-term tests and final examination at the end of the course.

Apart from this, Minin university teachers and volunteers actively interact with potential students and tell them about Minin the university’s traditions and infrastructure, invite them to join various cultural, sport and social events.

Ms. Emilia Borovik, vice-head of the International education and cooperation office, mentioned that most of the preparatory course students are planning to apply for one of the 46 Minin university majors next year. Future students have not only begun to speak their first words in Russian but also strive to learn Russian culture and Russian traditions.

Upon successful completion of the course, foreign citizens receive an additional education certificate. The course program is fee-based.

Earlier his month the first international student vacation school “Front line and Rear area” was held at Minin university.