A wide range of subjects mastered within 2 years as a part of the “Foreign Language” program is aimed at forming integral view of the teaching profession among students. The program includes a large number of classroom hours, as well as student’s independent work. Haoyang Xu improved his language skills and communication competencies in such disciplines as English for cross-cultural and business communication, English in standardized exams, English for humanitarian specialties, etc.

An integral part of the master's training is research activity, i.e. writing a master's thesis. Xu Haoyang successfully defended his thesis on “Teaching reading as a type of speech activity in Chinese language classes in higher school”. The theoretical significance of the study is to identify the specifics of teaching reading in Chinese to students of a pedagogical university and the role of reading in the process of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The practical significance of the study consists in the selection of texts for reading and the creation of a system of exercises for the formation of reading skills. The approbation of the developed program of experimental and practical work was carried out on the basis of the K. Minin Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University.

We wish our young colleague further academic success and implementation of creative plans.

The master's program “Foreign Language” is implemented by the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages and Linguistics of the Faculty of Humanities, has a modular organization of the educational process that allows to effectively build an individual educational pathway and achieve high educational results. In 2021, the program offers 13 budget places for admission to full-time education. There is also a correspondence form of education.

You can get a consultation by contacting the program manager Ekaterina Evgenievna Belova at the following link.