The symposium held by the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich lasted for three days and welcomed scientists from Europe, America and Russia. The main aim of the conference was to discuss such topics as learning a second foreign language and impact of globalization and migration modern processes on acquisition of foreign languages. Minin university was represented at the symposium by Ms. Marina Aksenova, an associate professor of the foreign language professional communication department.

During the symposium participants discussed the issues of standardized version of the country's official language and its variants related to geographical and social factors, various changes that take place in English, German and Russian, as well as reflection and rationalization of these processes in the minds of native speakers. Ms. Marina Aksenova covered the topic of studying Russian as a foreign language in modern context of cultural and economic exchange among the CIS countries: “Russian as a truly foreign language”.

Scientific comprehension of studying the first and second foreign languages is one of the main focus areas for the Foreign Language Professional Communication Department and the basis of training undergraduate and graduate students who specialize in this sphere.