Students from the Shandong University of Technology (China) got to know Russia that is not shown in textbooks and got acquainted with culture and customs of our country.

Minin university organized an extensive cultural and educational program for its guests: Chinese students attended lectures on Russian higher education, Russian traditional holidays and folk sayings, stereotypes about Russia and superstitions in Russian culture.

The program also included visits to the Museum of Wooden Architecture at the Shchelokovsky Farm, the Chamber of Crafts of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, the Krasnoye Sormovo Factory Museum, the factory “Khokhlomskaya rospis” in Semenov, museum of childhood A.M. Gorky «Kashirin's house», the gallery “Art of Chocolate” and the interactive cooking workshop on Russian traditional cuisine.

Hu Feng, a student of the Shandong University of Technology:

“We learned a lot about Russian history and culture. It was very interesting to attend classes that provided a new look at the education system and teaching process at Russian universities. I really liked interaction between teachers and students that is realized through games, discussions, etc.
Most of all I liked the Museum of Wooden Architecture at the Shchelokovsky Farm, where we learned about everyday life of Russian people of the XVIII century. It was very interesting.
The program, of course, is really useful for us: this is the very experience that broadens our horizons. Personally, I have learned a lot in terms of Russian mentality, Russian society and culture. ”

Wang Miughui, a student of the Shandong University of Technology:

“Since my major is “Literature” and Maxim Gorky is one of the most famous Russian writers in China, it was very interesting to visit the city where Maxim Gorky lived and spent his childhood. I really enjoyed the opportunity to see and feel the atmosphere that surrounded him, to look at the city, the environment in which he grew up and became a writer. Therefore, I can say that for me, as a student specializing in literature, that was a little dream that came true”.

The leader of the delegation, teacher of the Shandong University of Technology, Mr. Lǚ Yìxīn noted that, in general, cooperation between our two universities takes place within the framework of global cooperation between China and Russia. This is the international project "One belt - one way", which is focused on China's collaboration with various countries.

“If we talk about our two universities, I would like this students exchange to be continued. This time, undergraduate and graduate students came to Nizhny Novgorod. We hope that such exchange programs will be continued and strengthened in future. We would like cooperation between our two universities to be extended: for instance, collaboration between teachers can be organized, so that they can conduct joint research activities in future. Our colleagues are representatives of humanitarian specialties, and in this regard a large number of research projects are possible. "