25 applicants from China will undergo the Russian language course and later will apply for bachelor degree programs at Minin university.

Today, applicants were introduced to the teachers of the Chinese department of Minin University. Teachers who will be working with Chinese students include specialists in the sphere of teaching Russian as a foreign language. For instance, one of the program modules will be taught by Ms. Anna Kiseleva, a Minin university graduate, who has recently completed the master degree program at Minin university and teaching professional training at the Russian language school in Warsaw.

The realization of this program has become possible due to the cooperation agreement between Minin university and Shandong University of Technology in China.

Ms. Olga Kim, advisor to the rector for Minin university international education and cooperation, notes that “this program is the implementation of the Russian Federation Presidential Decree on the export of Russian education; this is popularization of the Russian language and culture in the world.”

The program of the course will include extracurricular activities: visits to museums and exhibitions.