A student from Turkmenistan told us about his studies at Minin university, teaching internship and his future studies at a master’s degree program.

Gutliev Serdar, a student from Turkmenistan, graduated from the bachelor's degree program "Foreign language (English) and primary education" and now he has entered the master's degree program "Educational technologies in the sphere of physical culture"

We have talked to Serdar to find out his opinion about education received at Minin university. We have also learned why he decided to continue his studies at the master’s degree program and how he liked his first teaching internship.

How did you find out about Minin university?

I have learned about the university from my friends who successfully graduated from Minin university, came back home and now work as teachers.
I have chosen the “Foreign language (English) and Primary Education” major because I know English really well and I am interested in this subject. My mother is a teacher and I like this profession.

What difficulties did you face when you came to Russia?

At first I had difficulties with the Russian language: I studied it from scratch. At Minin university I met friendly and kind groupmates and teachers who supported me a lot. I am especially grateful to Ms. Galina Aleksandrovna Kruchinina and Ms. Tatyana Aleksandrovna Perova. In general, it was easy for me to study. You must work hard to achieve your goal.

How was your first teaching internship?

I did an internship at school № 99 (5 and 10 grades). I would like to mention that it was harder for me to work with senior children. But I think I did it well, even though I was very worried. I want to gain more experience and develop my skills in this sphere. We had studied primary education pedagogics and psychology and this helped me a lot during the internship.

Why did you decide to continue your studies at the master’s degree program?

After graduation I decided to continue studying at Minin university and entered the master's degree program "Educational technologies in the sphere of physical culture". Due to the pandemic, I took entrance exams online. Everything went well. I have always liked physical education. At first, I even thought about applying to a bachelor's degree program in physical education, but then decided otherwise.
In the future, I am planning to work as an English language teacher in Turkmenistan.