On May 18, 2020, representatives of Minin University and The University of Cologne held an online meeting. Minin university was represented at the meeting by staff members of the Foreign Language Professional Communication Department (Faculty of Humanities). Together with their German colleagues they summed up the results of the work done during the past academic year.

Undergraduate and graduate students of Minin University who study German as a second foreign language had an opportunity to undergo The University of Cologne program unit (Zukunftsstrategie Lehrer * innenbildung) devoted to the problems of inclusive education. The program unit was available in the online learning management system of Minin University. Before and after completing the unit students were asked to take two surveys. The results of these surveys will be taken into account in further studies of teaching staff quality of education in Russia and Germany.

This work on the program unit continued collaboration between Minin University and The University of Cologne that began in 2018. The main area of cooperation is the relevant issues of inclusive education at universities in Germany and Russia, especially the issue of preparing future teachers for working with disabled children.