Minin University realizes the double degree program in cooperation with Anhui Normal University (China).

8 students of the major “English and Chinese” have been undergoing educational programs of two universities at the same time. Girls started their studies at Minin university and then spent 2nd and 3rd years of studies at the partner university in China. Later students came back to Russia and continued their studies at Minin university where they received extensive methodological training, that helped them successfully complete 2 teaching internships in schools of the Nizhny Novgorod city.

Ms. Alina Kudryashova (major “English and Chinese”), participant of the double degree program:

“Thanks to Minin University we got the opportunity to participate in the Double Degree Program. For two years we have been studying in China and got acquainted with culture, history, traditions of the Chinese people. Aside from the excellent knowledge of a foreign language, we also gained invaluable life experience. Memories about this time will stay in our hearts forever. Minin University is really a great start for any journey, and we are proud to be graduates of this university!"

The double degree program realized in cooperation with Anhui Normal University is a brilliant example of successful collaboration between a Russian university and an international partner. It is also a unique educational format offered by Minin university to students whose major is “English and Chinese”. Participants are chosen every year by the university committee via a strict selection contest. All applicants must demonstrate excellent knowledge of two foreign languages, have high marks in other disciplines of the major and actively participate in extracurricular activities organized by the university.

Within cooperation programs, both universities annually realize vacation cultural and educational camps for students of the partner-university in China and Russia. Also, a long-term exchange program for teachers of Russian and Chinese is realized between Minin university and Anhui Normal University.