On November 19, 2021, 3rd year undergraduate students (major "Pedagogical Education") participated in an online discussion. During the meeting participants got acquainted and talked about possibilities of applying music in foreign language study.

Speakers presented English-language projects and reports on music and other art forms (music and cinema, music and theater, music and visual arts, music and education). Participants spoke about various possibilities and perspectives of including music into educational process, in particular, in teaching foreign languages. Special attention was paid to the developing and sustaining of students’ interest in learning foreign languages as a type of inner guide and motivation.

Moreover, speakers highlighted methods of using music in foreign language lessons in order to activate mental work capacity; optimize intellectual and creative activity, attention concentration and short-term memory; increase indices of verbal and non-verbal intelligence; stimulate students’ imagination.

Active participation in discussion contributed to the improvement of public speech skills, formation and consolidation of proactive speech behavior skills.

The meeting was organized by the teachers of the Foreign Language Professional Communication Department: Ms. Olga Chistogradova; Ms. Maria Arkhipova (Candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor), Ms. Olga Telegina (Candidate of philological sciences, associate professor).