The lesson was carried out according to the Russian and Foreign Philology Department’s plan of scientific activities and was supported by the teamwork space "The Boiling Point - Minin University". Teachers of the Russian and Foreign Philology Department, Ms. Anna Latukhina (associate professor), Ms. Tatyana Sheveleva (associate professors) and Ms. Galina Melnikova dedicated the interactive lessons to the principles of video commercials selection for lessons of Russian as a foreign language and methods of working with advertising.

During the lesson students got acquainted with a selection of video commercials that presented different speech situations on key topics of the program “Russian as a foreign language” ("Family", "Friends", "Weather", "Hobbies", etc.), learned how to use video advertising texts for designing lessons and tasks to train various speech activities. Participants also discussed special characteristics of commercials that can be used as didactic materials for developing linguistic, cultural and socio-cultural competencies among foreign students. Many students were surprised that an entire lesson could be built on a 1-minute video.

There is no doubt that this lesson has greatly contributed to the development of professional competencies for future teachers of Russian as a foreign language.

Ms. Gulbadam Artykova (a 3rd year student, major "Russian as a foreign language"):

I am a 3rd year student and we have just started to get acquainted with methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language. I would like to be a professional and learn how to create interesting, unusual lessons so that children learning Russian as a foreign language are not bored and so that in different situations they can not only read and translate but also speak Russian fluently. This lesson showed us that even advertising can become a source for learning foreign languages. It was interesting and useful to observe how to build a Russian as a foreign language lesson correctly, what tasks can be used at different stages of working with video advertising. And I was also surprised that advertising can be used to discuss cultural issues: history of Russia, national character, holidays, geographical objects, traditions.