During 8 days students from Anhui Normal University (ANU) were studying Russian culture and visited various museums of Nizhny Novgorod and the Nizhny Novgorod region.

The head of Anhui Normal University delegation, a teacher at the Institute of Foreign Languages, Ph.D., Ms. Li Chuan pointed out the importance of these international vacation schools:

“We are very grateful that Minin University and Anhui Normal University organize and develop such exchange programs. Thanks to this, students of both universities have an opportunity to learn culture and art of Russia and China. This school program is very useful because during these days students have been speaking and practicing three languages: Chinese, Russian and English. They have no language barriers. ”

According to students of Anhui Normal University who participated in the language and culture school, the program allowed them to learn more about Russia: its history, art, culture, cuisine:

ANU student Yang Zhe mentioned that there are a lot in common between our two countries in terms of history and development. Student Sun Xinran highly appreciated the Russian language lessons, workshops on cooking traditional Russian food and workshops on painting matreshka dolls at the factory “Khokhlomskaya rospis” in Semenov.

Chinese students also visited the Kremlin, the museum of the automobile factory GAZ, the multimedia historical museum “Russia is My History”, the Rukavishnikov’s Estate museum, museum of childhood A.M. Gorky «Kashirin's house», etc.