Two students from the University of Messina (Italy), Anna Pastone and Davide Pafumi, have studied at the Faculty of Humanities during the spring semester. They have shared with us their impressions about studying in Russia and their scientific research conducted at Minin University.

Both students specialized in foreign languages: Anna studied English and Russian, Davide - English, German and Russian.

Apart from attending practical classes of the languages studied, Anna and Davide conducted active research activities in order to write their thesis. Teachers of the foreign language professional communication department, Ms. Midova Ekaterina and Ms. Aksenova Marina, advised them on all the issues arising during writing the papers.

Anna and Davide told us about their studies at Minin University:

Studying in Russia has always been our dream. We are fortunate that this year we got a chance to become exchange students. We chose Minin University: here we had a great opportunity to study, undertake an internship and finish the research for the thesis. Moreover, here we had a chance to get acquainted with real Russian culture.

At first we were really shocked. Russian educational system is very different from the Italian one. Besides, it was difficult for us to speak Russian every day and understand others.

But thanks to the people we’ve met, things got easier. Teachers, tutors, university administration, groupmates have always been with us. We are sure that without them everything would have gone wrong here.

For us, Minin University was a revelation. The university staff is professional, thoughtful and friendly. We are proud that we got a chance to study here and, of course, we will recommend Minin university to other students.

Thank you! We will be pleased to remember our first experience of studying in Russia (despite the coronavirus!).


Calluso Adriana, Rifatto Simona, Roberta Canale, Zangari Maria Pia, 3rd year students of the University of Messina (Italy), studied Russian and literature at Minin university during the fall semester.