We have asked Italian students why they are interested in Russian and they eagerly shared with us their ideas:

Castorina Erica:

I got interested in Russian at the end of high school when in one of my favorite TV series there was an actress playing a Russian character. Many lines were in Russian and I was immediately impressed by the musicality of the pronunciation of the words. I decided to study Russian at university, and both the language and the culture fascinated me. For me, it is very interesting to know customs and habits of a country as important as Russia, in order to broaden my cultural horizons and get to know new realities. In my opinion, knowing a language as widespread as Russian at a professional level can offer amazing job opportunities. So, I will go ahead and improve my Russian as much as I can!

Valeria D'angelo:

"I am very interested in the Russian language. I consider it a very fascinating language because it is so different from Italian and also its linguistic musicality attracts me more and more. Obviously, knowing Russian also allows you to better understand Russian culture, which is so different from what we Italians are used to. Another plus of being able to speak Russian is, certainly, its importance in the job world. Speaking Russian is a skill which gives you access to so many important job opportunities. And this is probably the main reason why I approached the Russian language".

Giorgia Imbesi:

I'm interested in Russian because it is very different from my native language. A different alphabet, a different culture, a different way of thinking. My passion for the Russian language was born recently. When I enrolled at the university I had to choose which languages to study and among all there was Russian that attracted my attention. I didn't know any words and that's why I wanted to approach this language so different from mine. And I started studying it. Day after day I am interested in it more and more because it allows me to step into the fascinating Russian world that is still quite unknown and little is heard about. It is an interesting language because it can give you several opportunities: get closer to the Russian people and fully understand the culture, travel to Russia, break down language barriers and, therefore, it allows you to grasp all the nuances of a word or phrase. Besides, if you know Russian you can find very interesting job opportunities. So I hope to further improve my knowledge of the Russian language!”