The works are dedicated to the linguistic research in the diachronic aspect.

Davide Pafumi focused his attention on studying peculiarities of the GDR language and influence of the political situation on the German language in the 50s. of the XX century. Ekaterina Midova mentioned that the research was based on two volumes of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany’s congresses minutes (1956). These documents are great examples of political rhetoric.

Anna Pastone researched main features of the Soviet woman's identity reflected in articles published in the Rabotnitza magazine.

Minin university academic advisers paid attention that Anna and Davide were really interested in their projects and demonstrated a high level of self-discipline and independence while conducting the research. Deep theoretical knowledge in the field of linguistics, history and literature allowed students to successfully formulate the goals and objectives of the research, correctly define key terms, conduct a comprehensive analysis of practical material and formulate conclusions.

Anna Pastone:

“I graduated with honors and I would like to share this with you! Thank you once again for your hearty welcome and for the opportunity to conduct my research at Minin university. My learning experience was an important chance for personal growth and professional success. I will never forget that. "

Minin university congratulates colleagues on receiving diplomas and wishes them success in future professions!