The delegation from Anhui Science and Technology University (China) visited Minin University on 10th December, the members of the delegation being:

  • Professor Jiang Deqing - Secretary of the Party Committee of Science and Technology University,
  • Mr. Zhang Yanzheng - Director of the Center for International Relations,
  • Professor Chen Chuanwan - Director of the Institute of Humanities,
  • Professor Zhang Maolian - Director of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering,
  • Professor Yu Hao - Director, Institute of Chemistry and Logistics Engineering,
  • Ms. Yu Hui - Assistant of the Institute of Foreign Languages.

The guests were welcomed by G.A. Paputkova acting as Vice-Rector of Educational and Methodological Activities.
During the visit, a working meeting of Chinese colleagues with representatives of various faculties of Minin University was held. The meeting discussed the prospects of development of cooperation and implementation of joint scientific, research projects and academic mobility programs for students and teachers.

The following issues were discussed during the meeting:

  • Organization of the performance "Feinyan Dancing with Drums" by students from Anhui University of Science and Technology at Minin University next year
  • Inviting Minin University students to participate in the summer camp organized by Anhui University of Science and Technology (student exchange program)
  • Joint educational projects
  • Joint establishment of a laboratory (research centers)
  • Sending Chinese language teachers from Anhui University of Science and Technology to Minin University to teach Chinese
  • Sending young PhD candidates from Anhui University of Science and Technology to Minin University for internship
  • Participation of representatives of Anhui University of Science and Technology in advanced training courses "Russian Education System and Management of Educational Organization in Modern Environment" held by Minin University.

The meeting resulted in signing an agreement on cooperation.


Anhui University of Science and Technology is located in the famous historical city of Fengyang, on the banks of the Huayhe River. The university was founded in 1950 and higher education programs began in 1965. Now the university is a modern multidisciplinary university, training specialists in agriculture, mechanical engineering, management, science, art, medicine, jurisprudence, and economics, etc.
The university consists of 10 institutes (Institute of Plant Sciences, Institute of Animal Sciences, Institute of Natural Sciences, Institute of Technology, Institute of Management, Institute of Foreign Languages, Institute of Arts and Law, Institute of Sciences, Institute of Physical Education and Institute of Advanced Training) offering over 35 specialties.
The University attaches great importance to research and technology development. Over the past three years, 365 scientific studies have been organized, 1,249 scientific papers have been published and 9 patents have been received. 46 Science and Technology Awards were received by the University. Anhoy University of Science and Technology actively develops programs of international academic exchange and cooperation with foreign institutions in the USA, Canada, France, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Australia, Singapore, etc.