The delegation from Ostrava University (Czech Republic) visited Minin University on 11th December, the members of the delegation being:

  • Dr. Daniela Razhikova - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy for International Cooperation and External Affairs, art historian;
  • Mr. Vitezlaw Vilimek - Mobility Coordinator, Executive Secretary of the Eurasian Academic Forum and officer responsible for practical issues of cooperation.

Guests were welcomed by Babaeva AV, acting as the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities.

Within the framework of the visit, a working meeting of Czech colleagues with the leaders of various educational projects of the Minin University Faculty of Humanities was held. The meeting tackled the prospects of development of cooperation and implementation of joint scientific, research projects and academic mobility programs for students and teachers.

The following issues were tackled within the framework of the meeting:

  • Organization of an international academic exchange of teachers to improve the quality of the educational process, and the students exchange as well, within the framework of the educational process
  • Prospects for implementation of joint educational programs;
  • Joint research activities;
  • Holding joint educational, scientific, practical and cultural events: conferences, seminars, academic conferences etc.;
  • Publication of joint research results and exchange of publications, educational and methodological literature, reference and statistical materials of mutual interest.
  • Implementation of other joint projects in the field of education, science and publishing.

The meeting resulted in signing an agreement on cooperation.


Ostrava University (Ostravská univerzita) is one of the leading higher educational institutions of the Czech Republic, carrying out training in a number of popular specialties on the modern market. Ostrava University was established in 1991. Training is conducted in more than 350 curricula and 134 disciplines. Ostrava University educates about 10,000 students, 7% being foreign. Ostrava University is in the 9 position in the ranking of the most popular universities in the Czech Republic. The structure of the university is now represented by 6 faculties and two research institutes, a modern library system, a comfortable campus. A distinctive feature of the university is the availability of the Center for Students with Disabilities, which allows them to feel convenient and comfortable in the course of their studies.

The university includes 6 faculties: Pedagogical Faculty (Pedagogické fakulty), Phylosophical Faculty (Filozofická fakulta), The Faculty of Social Science (Fakulty sociálních studií), Medical Faculty(Lékařská fakulta), The Faculty of Humanities (Přírodovědecká fakulta) and the Art Faculty ( Fakulta umění). One of the main aims of the faculty is the internationalization of education, which is confirmed by cooperation with foreign universities from European countries, as well as the involvement of foreign teachers in the implementation of master 's and postgraduate programs. The education is performed in Czech and English.