Project leader:

Alexandr Frolov

DSc in Pedagogy, professor

Main areas of work of the school:

  • The researchers study Anton Makarenko’s methodology;
  • domestic historiography of Makarenko’s pedagogical legacy;
  • explore and develop his legacy in domestic and foreign pedagogics and schools;
  • conduct research of the current state of pedagogical theory and educational practice.

The school gave rise to Research Laboratory ‘The educational pedagogy of Anton Makarenko» (project leader – DSci in Pedagogy, prof. E. Ilaltdinova). In 2017 the lab staff won an award of the Russian Federation Government in the field of education for editing and publishing a set of books on Makarenko. These result reflect long-term research in collecting and critically analysing results in terms of development, theoretical and practical use of A.S. Makarenko’s legacy in the USSR, Russia and other countries since 1939 till present.

In 2018 a young researcher of this laboratory got a medal of the Russian Academy of Education for significant contribution to development of pedagogy.

The projects of this laboratory were supported by the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund. They arranged an International Symposium "Anton Makarenko modern studies: history, current state, prospects" (2014); International scientific and practical conference "A.S. Makarenko's Pedagogics: education and life (achievements and problems)" (2013).


They have also an active international cooperation with the Nordland University (Norway), the Hokkaido Normal University (Japan), A.S. Makarenko's museum (Ukraine), Sumy State Teacher Training University named after of A.S. Makarenko (Ukraine) and others. Together with partners, they run laboratory ‘Pedagogy of A.S. Makarenko’, hold joint scientific conferences, prepare joint publications and support academic mobility.