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Minin University signs Agreement of Co-operation with Hungarian University
The agreement between Minin University and Széchenyi István University (Győr city, Hungary) is aimed at increasing the quality of higher education teacher programs.
National Geographic representatives deliver lections and presentations at Minin University
David Evans, ELT books author and TED speaker, and Tim Pearse, an English language teacher, specialize in improving English language teaching worldwide. They came to Minin university to shere thier expertise with students and teachers of both Minin university and the region.
Creators of QS ratings note Minin University's work in course of inclusive education development in Russia
The new edition includes an article about the national Portal of inclusive education, which is developed by Minin University.
Minin University participates in presentation of Nizhny Novgorod at Chinese embassy in Moscow
The event was organized by the embassy of Chinese People's Republic in the Russian Federation.
International students take part in International Festival of National Cultures
The event was held in one of Nizhny Novgorod universities. Students of different faculties took part in the event.
Representatives of US community colleges visit Minin University as part of the Fulbright program
The delegation came to establish partnership relations with Russian universities and colleges, including students' and teachers' exchange programs.
Philology without borders
European educational committee ERASMUS + organized professor’s visit within the program of raising academic mobility. Minin university (specialists in Russian language and linguists of faculty for humanities) entered this program in 2015.
The Festival of World's Nations has United Students from Different Countries
On March 1, 2017 the festival of world's nations was held at the faculty of management and socio-technical services. The event was aimed at introducing students to cultural customs of peoples from different countries. This year students from Armenia, Tadzhikstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Cameroon, Columbia, China, Russia and some other countries participated in the event.
Professor of Minin University takes part in International Conference in France
The senior lecturer of Foreign Languages and Foreign Professional Communication department of Humanities Faculty Olgya Tarasova took part in the international conference “Contemporary issues of teaching humanities: theoretical and applied aspects”
Minin University Employees and Students report about the cooperation with European Institutes in Detail
Minin student has just got back from a term at Vilnius University, whereas another student and a teacher are getting ready to leave for Lithuania.
Chinese language teacher arrives at Minin University
Lecturer, 2nd-year postgraduate of Anhui state pedagogical University, Lee Dong has arrived at Minin University to work at the Department of foreign languages and professional communication within the framework of joint educational programs with Chinese universities.
Minin University and Anhui State Pedagogical University: extension of collaboration program
From 28 November to 2 December Minin University delegation paid an official visit to the Pedagogical University of Anhui (China, the city of Wuhu), at the invitation of the Chinese side to discuss a three-year program of cooperation and to expand partnership.
Minin University signs a memorandum of intentions with the European Regional Educational Academy
The agreement was signed by the rector of Minin University professor, doctor of philosohy Alexander Fedorov  and the rector of  EREA Arman Avagyan.
The students of the faculty of management and socio-technical services for internship in Turkey
The General Director of travel company ANTARES Dmitry Kozlov, the representative of the company "KILIT GLOBAL TOURISM" Mr. Sezgin Akpinar presented a unique proposal for such vacancies as transfermen, an assistant of a hotel guide, a hotel guide, a receptionist, guest relations.
Minin University Student on an exchange program at Vilnius University
Evgeniya Kshukina, a fifth-year student of the Humanities Faculty at Minin University, shares with us her impressions about the learning process at the University of Vilnius.
Minin University Greens up One of City’s districts
November, 1, students of Minin University together with the Rector, Alexander Fedorov, planted 105 seedlings of white cedars, cedars and larches on the territory of a studying building of the University in Avtozavod District.
The Rector of Minin University presents Report at government Meeting hosted by Prime Minister
14 October, Moscow - The rector of Minin Uviversity Alexander Fedorov took part in a Government meeting hosted by Dmitry Medvedev. The meeting was on improving the effectiveness of employer-sponsored education. The rector together with Olga Vasilyeva, the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, presented a report on a new model of employer-sponsored teachers’ education, worked out and launched by Minin University.
Minin University student is expressed Gratitude by YouTube in San Francisco
Denis Merenkov, a student of Producer and Musical Business department at Minin University, has visited the “YouTube Community” international summit in San Francisco. He was invited by Google Corporation to the USA for helping emerging authors and active developing of his vlog.
Minin University students in China
Nine Minin University students took part in summer school which was organized by Anhui State Pedagogical University. Eight student have gone to continue their double bachelor program.
UNO expert on environmental protection visits ecological department students at Minin University
A UNO expert on environmental protection starts a lecture course on environmental problems for Minin University students within the international cooperation agreement of Environmental Education and Rational Nature Management department.