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As part of scientific and educational lectures, students of Minin University learned about modern digital tools in language courses
Minin University held meetings of students from the Faculty of Humanities with Dr. Bernd Rüschoff, Professor at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany). Modern paradigms and digital tools in language education were the topics of lectures and workshops.
Minin University and Shandong University of Technology will launch double degree programs in two areas of training: English and Chinese, Producer Training. Also in the area of studying law and teacher exchange program
Minin University and Shandong University of Technology discussed the possibility of launching a double degree program such as "English as a foreign language and Chinese as a foreign language. These talks took place from 8 to 12 April 2019 in China. These agreements between the universities would also include cooperation in the legal field, academic exchange of teachers.
Schoolchildren from China visited the School of Intercultural Communication organized by Minin University
On April 12, 2019, the Department of Foreign Language Professional Communication held an event for the program "School of Intercultural Communication", a delegation of schoolchildren and teachers from China, as well as guests from Nizhny Novgorod Gymnasium No. 13 were hosted by Minin university.
Students from Xi’an Fanyi University arrive at Minin University
Duan Zhi Yang, Zhang Xi Jia and Feng Yazhun, three students from our partner, Xi’an Fanyi University, will be studying Russian language and culture during the semester.
Minin University Students Share Their Impressions about Their Visit to Xian
Three students of the first course of the “Foreign Language (English) and Foreign Language (Chinese)” department have been studying at the Xian University of the translation (China) for two weeks.
Advisor to the rector Kim Olga held a course of lectures in the Education University of Hong Kong
As a visiting Professor Olga Kim held a course of lectures on the issue of writing an academic essay for master’s program students and postgraduate training program, she also was a speaker in the open lecture, speaking about the Russian Education on the basis of Minin University. During the two weeks of the visit the advisor to the rector Kim Olga negotiated the joint master’s “International Education”, performed by the Universities.
The Students in the Master’s Program had pedagogical practice in Warsaw
On the 28th of February the pedagogical training session for second year students in the Master’s program ,specialty “ Pedagogical Education”, profile “Teaching Russian as a foreign language” took place. This was the first time when the training took place in Warsaw, thanks to the contract signed between Minin University and Russian Language School “Samovar”.
It is the second semester when teacher Zou Ning from the Jinan school of foreign languages teaches Chinese to Minin University students.
It is the second time that Zou Ning arrives at Minin University to teach our students Chinese. We interviewed Zou Ning and asked what she liked Minin University for and what her plans for the current academic year were.
Minin University students spent a semester in Xian University of Translation
Three Minin university students studied at Xian University of Translation (China) during one semester. They have recently come back and shared their impressions of studies and the country in general.
Minin University Students Have Successfully Completed the First Educational Semester at the Shandong Polytechnic University (China)
Denis Koulikov, a third year student of of specialty “Foreign language (English) and foreign language (Chinese)” told us about his impressions’.
Three students from Xian University of Translation studied Russian at Minin University during one semester
We interviewed the Chinese student and learned about their impression of Russia, studies in Minin University and their further plans.
A Teacher of Minin University took part on the U. S. Congress leadership program “Open world”
Associate professor of applied informatics and information technologies in education Nikolay Lapin, the representative of Minin University took part on the U. S. Congress leadership program “Open world” which took place from November 29th to December 8th.
Delegation of Higher Educational Institutions of Anhui Province from China visited Minin University
The representatives of Chinese higher education institutions held a presentation in Minin University for the entrants and students interested in training at Chinese Universities, in obtaining scholarships and other programs. The meeting with Rector of Minin University Alexander Fedorov was organized as well.
Minin University launches new project, unlike any other in Russia
“In tune with the times” - is the motto of Minin University’s new project. The university’s “Electronic Open Day” is the first service among Russian universities which presents in a modern interactive form—mainly in video format—all information regarding the university’s the activities, and allows for attracting applicants from across the country.
Minin University participated in the 5th global conference
The conference took place on December 10-11, 2018 in Berlin. The conference tackled issues of procedures of assessment and maintenance of quality in the higher education system.
The speaking club
The purpose of the club is to help foreign students to maintain and develop their conversational skills in Russian.
Minin University Discussed Russian and International Experience in Implementing Inclusive Education
On November 26, 2018, an international scientific-practical conference “Strategic lines for the development of inclusive higher education at the present stage” was held at Minin University. The conference was organized by the Resource Educational and Methodological Center (RUMC) for training disabled people and people with disabilities at Minin University.
Minin University Delegation Made a Report on the Prestigious International QS-APPLE 2018 Conference
The largest international conference of professionals and leaders in the Pacific Rim of QS-APPLE 2018 took place in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, from November 21 to November 23, 2018. About 150 delegates from more than 20 countries of the world participated in the event.
Rector of Minin University Alexander Fedorov spoke about the support and independent evaluation of teaching staff at the all-Russian conference in the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation
On November 9, the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation hosted the all-Russian conference "Public and professional discussion of the implementation and application of the developed model of certification based on the use of unified Federal assessment materials (EFOM) and standard sets of EFOM for teachers 'certification". Minister of education of the Russian Federation O. Vasilyeva was apart of this event.
Minin University and the University of Braunschweig (Germany) have signed a cooperation agreement
The objectives of the agreement are effective academic cooperation, scientific and cultural exchange.