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Minin University took part in a constitutive meeting of Eurasian association of pedagogical universities
22-23 May, Almaty (Kazakhstan) - The first constitutive meeting of Eurasian association of pedagogical universities was held at Abai Kazakh national university. The initiative to found the association belongs to rector of Kazakh national university Serik Praliev and rector of Moscow state pedagogical university Alexey Semenov. Kozma Minin state pedagogical university of Nizhny Novgorod was represented by rector Alexander Fedorov and vice-rector for networking and social partnership Mikhail Soloviev.
Rector of Minin University visited Asian countries as a member of Government delegation
The Rector of Minin University Alexander Fedorov was included in a Government delegation to Asian countries and has just returned from South Korea and Singapore. The aim of the visit was experience exchange and getting to know the best world practises in higher education. Mr Fedorov was one of three University representatives and the only one from regions of Russia.
Do you like Polish like we do?
On March, 26-27 professors of The University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland) Alexandra Akhtelik and Agneshka Madeya delivered classes to the students of the Humanities faculty. The seminar for the students of the philological department was organized by Polish cultural centre of the Polish Embassy in Moscow. The Polish guests were welcomed by Vice-rector for networking and social partnership Mikhail Soloviev.
Minin’s students visited Anhui Pedagogical University, China
From 12 to 19 March a group of students attended a week spring school in China in the city of Uhu within the Agreement between Minin University and Anhui Pedagogical University.
Master’s students from Lyon arrived at Minin University
March, 11 – Master’s students of Pedagogical Institute Ecol Normal Superieure in Lyon visited the faculty of Humanities. The visit was co-organized with the Nizhny Novgorod office of Alliance Française and its head Sophie Gindt. At home, in France, Nina and Mannu are getting prepared for their final exams to become teachers of French for children of 3 – 10 years old. In Nizhny Novgorod the students had a 4-week internship teaching French at local schools.